Nookachamps Farms

A family-owned, regenerative, organic hazelnut orchard.

In 1962 Ray and Alice DeVries moved to the beautiful Skagit Valley located in northwest Washington State, USA. They started their family dairy farm in the fertile Nookachamps basin. Fast forward 50 plus years, and Nookachamps farm is still a family farm now producing hazelnuts, corn, grass and milk. The cows fertilize the ground and the ground produces natural, healthy, nutritious crops. We firmly believe that taking care of people and the environment will allow us to farm for years to come!

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Hazelnut Orchard
Close up of hazelnuts
Hazelnut trees with organic sign in front of it
  • Regenerative

    We believe in treating the land in ways that enrich the environment by using regenerative organic practices.

  • Ethical

    Treating our employees, vendors and customers with the utmost respect is essential to our business.

  • Family-Owned

    The land we farm has been part of the DeVries heritage for over 50
    years. We take pride in continuing what Raymond and Alice DeVries
    started in 1962.